Welcome to the Beach

Welcome to Virginia Beach – the person, not the place.

Photo on 4-13-14 at 6.54 PM

You’re probably thinking that my parents must have had a really warped sense of humor.

Actually, there’s no humor involved. My mother always loved the name Virginia and decided when she was still a teenager that if she had a little girl, she wanted to name her Virginia. When my grandfather decided to move his auto salvage business from Saint Louis to Evansville, Indiana he bought a house just outside the city limits…down the street from a farm owned by a family named Beach. The Beaches had a son the same age as the oldest daughter. One day the daughter met the son, and the rest is history. They fell in love, got married and had a daughter. End of the story.

I am many things. Deaf. Pagan. Liberal. Feminist. Democrat. Advocate. Social Services Specialist. Horse Lover. Independent Living Skills Instructor. Tarot Reader.

And a writer.

I’m a nonfiction writer, currently working on my first book and also hoping to break into the field of Freelance Writing. I have had some articles published in magazines (Herb Companion and Crone Magazine),  and an essay published in a book (Eyes of Desire 2.) I’ve also maintained a blog since the Fall of 2006 – Deaf Pagan Crossroads, where I explore the merger of my identity as a Deaf woman with my spirituality as a Pagan High Priestess. This is the blog that really got me thinking about how much I truly love writing and how I want to make a career out of it. In fact, the book I am currently working on actually began as blog posts at the Crossroads. I’ve had some of my blog posts mentioned on other sites including the Huffington Post, my blog was a finalist in the Deaf Read Best New Blog category in 2007, and several of my posts have elicited some interesting discussion in the commentary section.

Now I have a second one right here on the Beach, where I will be talking mainly about what it means to be a writer – sharing some of my writings, some of my thoughts, and some of my adventures as I continue to work on finishing my book and getting it published.

So you like my writing? I’m flattered. Truly. If you’ve read any of my writing here or at Deaf Pagan Crossroads, you probably have figured out that I frequently write about the two things that are a passion of mine – Deaf Culture and Paganism. If you’re looking for something that touches on either of these subjects, I’m your girl. But I’m not limited to such – I’ve written on a variety of different topics; including food, books, movies, travel, accessibility, communication, and advocacy. I tend to stay away from technical writing, as that’s not my forte. My writing has more of a humanistic approach to it, and often incorporates a sharp wit and a sense of humor.

In any case, if you’re interested in having me write something for you, get in touch and we’ll talk.

I can be reached at vlbeachwriter@gmail.com 




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